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A donor might also acquire confraternity and the right to be buried in the church, while the founder of a new monastery gained renown.

The two main disputants were prominent yeshivah students, both of whom earned some renown in their subsequent intellectual careers.

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Contracts throughout the 1760s reveal a correlation between a singer’s renown and the lateness of the date that he or she was allowed to arrive in the city.

Bangladeshi individuals and organisations have managed to achieve global renown with innovative strategies in the arena of development and poverty alleviation, for instance, with microfinance and adult education.

It is a tradition round which this country’s reputation and renown have been wreathed with laurels for decades.

It is a glorious constituency renowned for the character both of its people and of its places.

This is some feat considering that teachers are renowned for being impervious to political considerations and shut off from them in their staff rooms.

It is, of course, renowned for its scenery, its beaches and its occasional sunshine.

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Certainly, he enjoys huge personal renown as a result of the election campaign that he undertook.

Fifthly, it should review its legal processes, uncover why it is renowned for sloth and increase its speed, because delay means cost.

It is renowned for its friendliness, cleanliness and industry.

It is a blatant miscarriage of the natural principles of justice for which this country is renowned.

Its name is synonymous with aviation and is renowned around the world.

Grammar schools are beacons of excellence in our education system, renowned for their academic results, their sporting prowess and their cultural achievements.

He was widely renowned for his plain speaking, and for the prominence that he gave to it.

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